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Some Testimonials of clients in the Netherlands

At a certain moment each entrepreneur reaches the point that he or she is engaged with so many different things that the goals are not clear any longer and it is impossible to formulate a mission to provide guidance.
The Game of Gifts does not result in a business plan in the literal sense of the word. However I notice that I can focus again and ask myself the questions that the coach used to ask me. Now I act consciously and I have formulated a mission, which stands like a house. I can always get back to it any moment I seem to wander and leave the path.
Thanks to the Game of Gifts I now know what I want, because I am able to use my talents well and to make founded decisions with reasoned judgment after internal investigation.
Mr. Peter V. Owner of Design studio B.B.

The coaching has given me a clear insight into the causes of my burnout. It has revealed a breaking point that deep down I already vaguely knew was there. My burnout, however intense and complicated, may prove to be a "blessing in disguise”.
The Game of Gifts appeals to me very much. Contrary to problem oriented approaches the starting point of the Game of Gifts is your own unique power. It is a beautiful method that brought me in touch with my inner wisdom. I hear myself saying things that I am sincerely not aware of knowing, but nevertheless are true.
I experienced the coaching style as very supportive and involved.
The visual representation of the talents into a firmely rooted tree with an impressive crown is a powerful image I will always carry with me.
Mr. Chris v.d. S. Senior project manager.

Becoming aware of my talents I have achieved a good understanding of my possibilities. They are more exciting and challenging than I thought. The way you have accompanied the group and gave attention to the individual, I experienced as very pleasant and professional.
Mr. Berry K. financial advisor/managing director

Doing the Game of Gifts has been a great experience. It gave me more insight into the best direction I can choose to take full advantage of my talents. As a result I am now self employed, working as a press officer and communication specialist.
Ms Stephany A. Press officer.
The game of Gifts has increased my self confidence. After the workshop I went home with a meaningful life mission that gives me new energy. I enjoyed the way you have led the workshop. Lots of room for my own journey and with your questions you gave me clear handles to look at my talents in a different way and obtain new insights.
Mrs Odeke K. health club owner

By working with the Game of Gifts I have come to appreciate my talents much better than before. Now I can use them as players in a football team.
You can also see the Game of Gifts as a reorganisation of your inner self as in Feng Shui. The rearrangement of your home, your inner self, makes your energy flow better.
Enriched with this new experience I'm now focusing on the next stage of my life.
Mr. Jørn K. formerly coordinator rent arrears intervention, now with early retirement

The coaching with the Game of Gifts has been a profound and fulfilling experience. It brought me to my inner strength. The discovery of and the meeting with my talents revealed the world of my inner potential, qualities I will always have to my disposal. I use my creative ability more effectively and take new initiatives. It has been a voyage of discovery to treasures that I always have within me.
Mrs. C.C. University teacher

It was a special experience for me that in addition to the talents that I was aware of, my latent talents manifested themselves. In a playful way I gradually got in touch with my talents and my core. I liked it how my life tree came to fruition, culminating in a life mission. The result of the workshop is that I followed my heart. The final push I needed. I decided to quit my job and make a fresh start with my own business. For this I want to thank the inspiring and expert facilitators Hans Slijpen and Nelleke Aulman and I also want to thank my fellow group members.
Mr. Felix J. trainer / coach

When I started my sessions I was very very tired. No energy at all. I didn’t want to do anything anymore I have been singing professionally for years. In recent years all this finished. When I started the sessions I didn’t want anything to do with music anymore.This worried me and caused a lot of stress. I felt very guilty about not using my singing talents.
The sessions have given me a lot. The game of Gifts is a playful method to go inwards to a deeper level. I got in touch again with my essence, my core. Who I am and what I stand for. I gradually got my energy and openess back. Wonderful. 
Ms Erika M. Singer

The coaching of talent-in-sight has given me a good insight into myself. I improved my ability to use my talents in a more effective and positive way. I now know how to focus on what I find important in my life. The Game of Gifts helped me to clarify my thoughts and beliefs
As an artist I feel freer now and closer to my true self. I feel my energy flowing again. The Game of Gifts has meant a lot to me in many ways. I am very enthousiastic about this method of coaching.
Mrs Joke V. painter
The coaching sessions were very enlightening to me. It was a beautiful journey to my inner world. My soul had a chance to express itself in images and stories, and the rational principle was allowed to pause. The outcome was nothing unpredictable, nothing I did not already know deep inside, but the confusion and superficial ideas are gone and a crystallized vision has emerged. The playfulness of The Game of Gifts worked for me. I could look at the facts and see negative aspects of myself more easily. I learned that, especially in difficult situations, I always focus inward instead of looking for answers in the outside world. In touch with my inner flow I can now make decisions based on my own intuition and wisdom. My mission has become the guideline of my life, putting things in proportion with my higher goals. In my future actions in work and private life I now ask myself whether my plans are in tune with the mission or that they actually work against it.
Susanne O. Former dancer, now student dance therapy


Particpants of workshops for managers and enterpreneurs in Beijing, China.
I know my 12 talents, They help me to fulfill my personal mission. Each of them are unique, belong to me and are irreplacable. I hope the method will be available for chinese coaches as well.

The workshop helped me to find the essence of life. It helped me to sort out the meaning and value of my existence.

It showed me ways to deal with difficulties and dig out my own potential. It makes my life full of joy.

I have a clearer vision about the direction of my life and career. I was able to get to the bottom layer of my life in a systematic way.

I found out about my own talents and inner mission and the value they can create.
I am able now to connect with my subconscious.

The method is a practical and applicable way which enables us to solve our inner puzzle.

I see the interrelationship between my talents and how they can serve my goal in life.

Participants of a workshop for teachers
- "The most important thing is not only find one's talent, but to know and understand one's self. Applied to education, every child has talent and if we can encourage them that nothing is impossible."
- "I got a new way of thinking. I will try my best to help my son and students to know that we have the talents to live a happy life."
- "Only when we have the courage to expose the problems, we can solve them."
- "I found the talents that have been ignored by me and the talents which seems unconnected and found out how all talents are related to each other."
- "I will be more certain of my choices and see the possibilities of people's potential abilities. I want to know myself better as well as the value of spirit satisfaction."