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A good way to work on personal growth is through a workshop where each participant can work individually with his own questions. In addition, the effect of seeing the processing done by the other participants can serve to inspire and to accelerate the process. In these courses we utilize the Game of Gifts. There are many possibilities, and here we offer several options:

Standard workshops
This workshop presents the complete process of the Game of Gifts. It is an inner investigation of your talents and drives. The first part is all about discovering and examining your talents by means of exercises and sharing whereby you are able to integrate your inner information. There is enough space and help to assist each individual participant in this personal process. The second part offers the opportunity to see the connections and hierarchy of your talents whereby you achieve the sight of your life mission.

Shorter workshop
In a condensed form, you go through the process of the Game of Gifts so that you obtain a good idea of its essential nature. This is a first introduction in which you have the possibility to go deeper. You gather insight into your talents.

I want to make a new start. This time I want to make the right choices.

My career is stagnating. What can I do?

How can I achieve more focus?

How can I find work that really fulfills me?