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Personal coaching

While on a personal trajectory, you tune into life's questions.  Sometimes you get stuck dealing with your ambitions, you lose your dreams and no longer know which choices you want to make.  If your life is not proceeding as you would like it to, then it is important once again to find your own inspiration.  

This is a journey of inwardly-focused discovery wherein you discover your potential and also where you can stumble into your pitfalls.  What patterns do you repeat over and over? What are your stimulating and inhibiting convictions and behavior patterns?  The question upon which your coaching will be focused is the starting point for this trajectory in which you will find you own answer.  The sessions are aimed at letting yourself blossom so that you are able to place the direction of your life in your own hands.  You develop your life in a way which is uniquely yours.



I want to make a new start. This time I want to make the right choices.

My career is stagnating. What can I do?

How can I achieve more focus?

How can I find work that really fulfills me?