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Our Procedure

Our procedure provides clarity and offers an overview.
In our training and coaching we mostly use the Game of Gifts.  It is a playful method to discover the richness of your inner potential.  You experience in a surprising manner who you are and where your strengths lie.  New and often freeing insights about yourself offer a different and refreshing view of the world around you and change your perspective.  Knowing your talents and drives gives a new meaning and direction to your actions - both private and professional.

Through this process you acquire insight into your talents and a clear idea of your life mission.  You gain self-knowledge, are motivated and once again find direction in your life.

The Game of Gifts was developed by Willem Glaudemans. Have a look at his site: www.gameofgifts.com

I want to make a new start. This time I want to make the right choices.

My career is stagnating. What can I do?

How can I achieve more focus?

How can I find work that really fulfills me?