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Nelleke Aulman

After a career in education and the theatre, Nelleke specialized as a coach and trainer whose focus is on life and work questions.  Involvement in the development of people is the governing theme of her working life.  In this work, she assists people to find the guiding theme in their own lives.

As an educator, she often used stories and drama techniques - tools in which one works with energy and imagination.  In this process, she discovered that the imagery of creative subjects is a fantastic means to discover one's talents.

Talent coaching combines both worlds, assisting and coaching.  Images bring you to your center, the essence of what it's all about.  From here you can give direction to your life, bring focus to your talents and find clarity and fulfillment through your choices.  If you can define your talents, you can deliberately contribute to your own growth.  Then you can do exactly what you are good at.

Nelleke: "I see each client of mine as a  unique individual and respect that each has his or her own path to discover and follow."