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Hans Slijpen

‘Enriched by your Talents and mission’
For me, this is most of all about relearning to look at your own inner world. To be in awe about what is there to see, what lives there. Then to get rid of critical voices, which once were not yours, but now make that you experience inhibitions that limit you. That are the cause why you made choices, that don’t make you happy anymore. It's about freeing yourself, opening up, doing what really suits you. Taking care of yourself and your talents. Doing what you do best, what gives you energy and joy. Feeling your inner fire. In short, going your very ‘own’ way.

In my career as a theater designer, countless times I was astonished about what happens when you open yourself to what presents itself from within.
I have learned to look carefully at what was handed to me from my own depths. Then responded to that with my mind and intuition, and thus came to designs, which I never could have ’thought’ of. To be able to do that I learned to honor my own inner world, to take seriously what was given to me from there. Freed myself from what was trying to keep me small, thus establishing a flow in which something that was bigger than me was able to express itself.

Now in my coaching I invite you to do the same. To see what previously may have been invisible to you. To free yourself from inhibitions, and to follow a path that is in accordance with what deep down wants to be lived in you. As a result, you live from your authenticity and inner strength. Where your inner compass helps you to make the right choices and thus, in your own unique way, create a life that suits you best.